About Us

All artist's hands work hard so it's important to look after them! Our Award Winning machines are designed with your comfort in mind.

The ergonomic designs sit comfortably in the hand with perfect balance, and the simple construction of our machines make them easy to clean and service in minutes.

The powerful motor with a smooth running, direct-drive system and options for throw length, gives ultimate reliability and versatility whatever your style of work.

You will always be confident and comfortable using one of our machines!

Richard Batey

Killer bee crew testimonial's

Stephen Airey (Kent, UK)

"Great balance, easy servicing and powerful! & you gain a whole host of new family members in the KillerBee Crew!! Thank you IMMORTAL INNOVATIONS".

Robby Sadler (Alabama, USA)

"The day I made the switch to a KillerBee Tattoo Machine was the day a new fire was lit! The balance, the back weight & the strength of the machine is impeccable".

Jonny Firth (Manchester, UK)

"KillerBee make machines with passion and care like a real artist makes a piece of art. In my eyes if you offered me a Ford Fiesta or a Rolls Royce, I know what i'd take!"