KillerBee Machine Monthly Hire

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To enable more UK based artists to benefit from the power, smooth running and ease of use of the KillerBee, we are now offering a machine hire service.

At just £100+vat per month, and an initial charge to cover the cost of postage to you, and the cleaning, servicing and sterilisation of the machine after each use, we believe our machine hire service is an industry first!

Please appreciate that we have a limited number of hire machines available, so if the quantity available is showing as zero, please message us and we will let you know of the anticipated availability date, of another machine.

! Please note this service is currently only available to artists based in the UK !

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We have 3 different models of machine - the Original, the Type-F and the BumbleB33: 

The Original is the most powerful of our machines, and is suited for all round work, but is exceptional at pushing very large needle groupings.

The Type-F is an evolution of the Original, by using a different motor, the back end is slightly lighter and therefore creates a more nimble handling characteristic. 

The BumbleB33 is ideally suited to all types of work, and has a slightly softer feel to the hit.

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I created the KillerBee Tattoo Machine, after more than 20 years of professional work, and acquiring a serious hand strain. I designed the machine to reduce the common tendon strains many pro artists experience - by improving the balance and ergonomics beyond anything that was then available in the market. 

The KillerBee machines promise increased comfort, power and reliability in a compact, all-round unit that is simple and easy to strip down and sterilise.

The ergonomic two piece design is cut from high grade aluminium to be perfectly balanced with a 40mm grip, which helps reduce the stress in the hand and gives a relaxed and comfortable feel to the machine.

In the Original, the power comes from a large Maxon digital motor operating between 9 to 17 volts.

The drive system is simple, direct and hard hitting. The throw of the needle can be altered with an easy change of the crank.

Cranks are available in three options: 3mm, 3.5mm (standard) and 4mm which change the characteristics of the KillerBee from super soft shader to a monster packer liner.

We ship the machines with a 40mm grip, as 95% of artists find that to be the ideal size, but it's fully customisable with alternative KillerBee grips and thumb wheels giving you more options than ever before.