KillerBee Type-F

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The new KillerBee Type-F is perfect for artists that prefer a powerful lightweight machine.

An evolution of our original KillerBee tattoo machine design, built with the same Faulhaber digital motor used in our award winning BumbleBee machine - operating across a range 6v to 19v with recommended use at 15v, via an RCA power lead. The drive system is simple, direct and hard hitting.

The light weight aluminium Type-F motor body is held together with powerful magnets making the machine extremely easy to strip down for cleaning and servicing.

The throw of the needle can be altered by changing the crank which is available in  3.5mm ONLY.

Combining this motor with the geometry of our KillerBee has created a powerful but lightweight and slimline machine. We ship the machines with a 40mm body, as 95% of artists find that to be the ideal size, but it is fully customisable with alternative KillerBee grips and thumb wheels giving you more options than ever before.

On machines made from other materials or a different finish other than polished aluminium there may be a 10 working day lead time before shipping.