Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know what size grip to order for a KillerBee?

A: We recommend the 40mm grip as this was ergonomically designed to be the optimum size to reduce hand strain for most artists. 

Q: Can I change the grip size on my machine?

A: If after initial use, you find that with grip is too small or too large, you can purchase an alternative grip on the KillerBee and KillerBee Type-F - the internal components are designed to fit all the sizes.

Q: How often should I strip and clean my KillerBee Machine?

A: It depends... under normal use every 3-400 hours, if the machine has been soiled or excess liquid spilt onto it then sooner.
A: See a video here: 

Q: How often, or after how many hours do you recommend lubricating the pushrod?

A: We recommend silicone grease, to lubricate the pushrod after 3-400 hours of use.

Q: Will every brand of cartridge work in the KillerBee?

A: We recommend that you only use cartridges with a full diaphragm membrane, for hygiene purposes. In the UK & Europe a standard cartridge will function correctly. 

Q: Does the KillerBee use a standard power supply?

A: Yes, we recommend we you use a good quality power supply with a range of 0 to 17 volts.
[The Type-F & BumbleB33 operates across a range 6v to 19v, with recommended use at 15v]
[The KillerBee operates across a range of 9v to 25v, with a recommended maximum of 17v]

Q: Does the KillerBee use a standard RCA power lead?

A: Yes, we recommend you use good quality cable - and expect to replace it every 6-8 months depending on work volume.