Croc Oil

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250,000,000 years in the making. 

The crocodile has not needed to needed to evolve in all this time, it's already the perfect apex predator with superiorimmune qualities. Qualities brought to you in Crocoil. The beauty is this product ish that your skin with look the exact of a crocodiles; smooth, even and moisturised. 

For skin that needs extra help, soothing, calming and hydrating.  Suitable for all ages and skin types, including sensitive skin.

  • Suitable for all ages and skin types including irritated and sensitive skins
  • Good for dry, dehydrated, lifeless skin
  • Combats redness and uneven skin tones
  • Intensive moisturiser
  • Strengthens the skin all over the face and body
  • Anti-ageing
CrocoArt used properly and regularly for a while before the tattoo is applied, will show a marked improvement in the texture and condition
of the skin. For those who have dry, flaky and uneven skin, the improvement in the skin will mean that the tattoo line will have a
better chance of being straight and even. This will lead to a better looking tattoo.

CrocArt not only keeps tattoos moist for a long time it also prevents infections by helping the skin to rapidly repair itself.
CrocArt hydrates the skin, which reduces scabbing and minimises the loss of colour and definition. And not only helps tattoos heal quickly,
but will, if applied regularly help to keep the colour rich and vibrant for years to come.

Other properties:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Bacteriostatic, doesn’t promote the growth of bacteria
  • Hypoallergenic, rarely causes skin irritation or has side effects
  • Highly penetrating and quickly absorbs into the skin
  • No greasy feel after application
  • Doesn’t clog pores.
  • Contains
  • Omegas 3, 6 and 9
  • Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) needed for the body’s functions with strong anti-inflammatory properties
  • Vitamin E, a major antioxidant and healing agent
  • Vitamin A, a known skin repairer and antioxidant
  • Linoleic acid, which eases muscle aches and joint pain
  • Oleic acid, a proven skin cell regenerator, anti-wrinkle agent
  • Sapogens, proven to soften skin
  • Terpines, known antiseptics.

    "Man cannot continue to mindlessly strip nature of its valuable natural resources. We at CrocodOil believe that what’s taken from nature, should be replaced and where possible replenished with even more than we took. Our partners operate in exactly the same way.

    All their crocodiles are reared with real care, are well nourished and kept in a natural, relaxed environment. These conditions give the animals the freedom to express normal behaviour patterns which maintains their long term health.

    For over 30 years they have released over 30% of all hatchlings back into the wild, as their contribution to maintaining the ongoing healthy wild population of nile crocodiles in southern african rivers.

    No animals are bred for their oil, as the oil is a by-product of the crocodile farming process. Animals are reared for their high protein meat, while the skins are used in the fashion industry.

    To sustain the wild crocodile population, many farms release up to 30% of their hatchlings back into the wild. This helps to maintain the balance of nature."