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The KillerBee Tattoo Machine was designed and engineered from the outset, to give the artist increased comfort, power and reliability in a compact, all-round machine that is simple and easy to strip down and sterilise.

The ergonomic two piece design is cut from high grade aluminium to be perfectly balanced with a 40mm grip, which helps reduce the stress in the hand and gives a relaxed and comfortable feel to the machine.

Power comes from a large Maxon digital motor operating between 9 to 17 volts, via an RCA power lead.

The drive system is simple, direct and hard hitting. The throw of the needle can be altered with an easy change of the crank.

Cranks are available in three options: 3mm, 3.5mm (standard) and 4mm which change the characteristics of the KillerBee from super soft shader to a monster packer liner.

We ship the machines with a 40mm body, as 95% of artists find that to be the ideal size, but it is fully customisable with alternative KillerBee grips and thumb wheels giving you more options than ever before.

On machines made from other materials or a different finish other than polished aluminium there may be a 10 working day lead time before shipping.